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Freedom Of Speech And The Internet Essays - Pornography Law

The right to speak freely Of Speech And The Internet The United States of America was established more than 200 years back based on opportunity. Opportunities, which were composed into, and are yet a piece of the Constitution of the United States. Under the First Amendment of the Constitution, numerous opportunities are allowed to the residents of this extraordinary country. Such opportunities as those of discourse, religion, press, appeal, and get together are conceded to every single free resident. In any case, where do our opportunities start and end with regards to the Internet? By what method can a little gathering of people manage an element that is a lot bigger than its ward? Who is answerable for choosing what is thought of ?appropriate for survey? to clients? With such a large number of guidelines and rules overseeing the Internet, what befell that privilege allowed to us in the First Amendment? With every one of these standards and sets of accepted rules, one starts to think about whether the First Amendment gives us the oppo rtunities it so legitimately states, or on the off chance that we are simply too oblivious to even consider standing up and battle for the rights allowed to us by the (Constitution). The right to speak freely of discourse, on the Internet, has persevered through a few fights all through its ongoing history. In 1997, the Supreme Court has once effectively decided for the right to speak freely of discourse in the internet. This decision was because of charges, which were raised to a government judge, including the Communications Decency Act (CDA). The government judge found for the respondent, expressing that the CDA was unlawful. In the wake of speaking to the Supreme Court, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) took to the protection indeed, battling for the right to speak freely in the current issue. With their essential resistance fixated on the First Amendment, the Supreme Court controlled the demonstration unlawful by a dominant part vote. This milestone choice makes way for future battles for the right to speak freely here and there of the Internet (Supreme Court). The Internet has additionally been of contention with regards to checking or blocking destinations, which are esteemed hazardous to minors. In another ongoing legal dispute, an open library offering open Internet get to had blocking programming introduced, confining destinations thought about destructive to minors, restricting entirely great

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Development of Oil and Gas Industries at a Global Level

Questions: 1. Basic analys of Growing Influence of OPEC on the Global Oil industry.2. Basic Analys of monetary development from non-OECD nations on the Global Oil Industry.3. Basic Analys of Climate Change Policy on the Global Oil Industry.4. Basic Analys of Access to New Fossil Reserves on the Global Oil Industry.5. Suggestions for the UK Oil and Gas Retail Industry. Answers: Presentation The current report depends on investigating and inspecting the elements affecting the improvement of oil and gas ventures at a worldwide level. In this unique circumstance, the report presents a basic investigation on the veracity of the announcement The developing impact of OPEC, monetary development from non-OECD nations, environmental change arrangement and the entrance to new fossil saves on the eventual fate of refining universally. Furthermore, the report additionally talks about the potential ramifications of the above components on the oil and gas industry of the UK. 1. Basic Analysis of Growing Influence of OPEC on the Global Oil Industry Association of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) was built up in 1960 for the most part to co-ordinate and deals with the gracefully of oil at a worldwide level. It incorporates significant twelve oil-sending out countries over the world and holds the duty of creating and observing the oil approaches of its part countries (Moran, 2015). OPEC is known to have a command over 61% of the universes oil fares and hold about 80% of the worldwide oil saves. OPEC job is essential at settling the costs of oil at a worldwide level. The primary targets of OPEC are to create composed oil arrangements among its part countries, to plan procedures at settling oil costs in worldwide oil showcase by conquering changes and to keep up a customary flexibly of oil far and wide (Heshmati et al., 2015). Buyers around the globe are vigorously affected by the costs of oil as it is uniform product. OPEC has normalized the cost of oil to be around $70-$80 per barrel. Be that as it may, the part countries of OPEC lessen oil gracefully for the situation costs dips under the set guidelines for raising the value bar (Moran, 2015). The individual oil-sending out countries in any case could build the gracefully for creating more income and this thusly would prompt a sharp ascent in the worldwide interest of oil. The development of such a circumstance will at last reason reducing of oil assets in OPEC nations quickly. Accordingly, so as to dodge the event of such a circumstance OPEC nations just creates oil in an amount that would encourage them to keep the oil costs high. Along these lines, OPEC is getting down to business fate of refining through impacting the gracefully and costs of oil all inclusive (Heshmati et al., 2015). 2. Basic Analysis of financial development from non-OECD nations on the Global Oil Industry Creating nations that are not an individual from Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) have as of late demonstrated a rising pattern of oil utilization in contrast with OECD nations (Gilardoni, 2008). This is chiefly by virtue of higher financial development in non-OECD nations saw in the ongoing years. The ongoing patterns and figures have obviously shown that utilization of oil has step by step declined in OECD nations between the time of 2000-2010 while it has expanded at a pace of over 40% in non-OECD nations, for example, India, China and Saudi Arabia. Gigantic financial development prompts more noteworthy utilization of oil in business and individual transportation that in the end prompts more noteworthy oil utilization in non (OECD, 2007). Fast development in populace in the course of recent years is the primary purpose for the enormous monetary development in non-OECD nations (Hilyard, 2012). Rising populace requires more noteworthy measure of fuel causi ng an abrupt ascent in oil utilization in these nations. Likewise, creating countries frequently will in general have a lot bigger extent of assembling ventures when contrasted with administration enterprises. These all are the explanation answerable for higher oil utilization in non-OECD that is impressively affecting the oil costs at a worldwide level. The oil costs are expanding at an incredible rate because of high financial development in non-OECD nations and are likewise expected to bring up later on course (Gilardoni, 2008). 3. Basic Analysis of Climate Change Policy on the Global Oil Industry Environmental change in the course of recent years has gotten extensive consideration at both provincial and worldwide level. The principle reason considered liable for noteworthy changes saw in the atmosphere conditions is an unnatural weather change (Asplund, 2008). In that capacity, atmosphere changes would influence to a great extent oil and gas industry to a significant degree. According to the Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change (IIGC) around 60 percent of green house gas emanations happen from oil and gas enterprises that are chiefly answerable for causing atmosphere changes. Condition Protection Agency (EPA) has created severe approaches and guidelines to be forced to oil and gas industry for diminishing the emanation of green house gases. In this way, thus, oil and gas industry need to develop imaginative advances and strategies to submit to every single administrative guideline. Likewise, ascend in temperature because of cruel climatic conditions may affect well being of laborers and would eventually influence creation of oil. Accordingly, oil and gas industry need to restore their procedures and build up a sound framework so as to conform to the atmosphere changes (Heshmati et al., 2015). 4. Basic Analysis of Access to New Fossil Reserves on the Global Oil Industry The fundamental fossil assets utilized for the creation of oil and gas the world over are known to be raw petroleum, coal and gas. In any case, these all are non-inexhaustible wellsprings of vitality that are frequently dependent upon exhaustion (Shah, 2012). The increasing pace of utilization of oil and gas at a worldwide level is further prompting decreasing of fossil stores at a quick rate. In this way, oil and gas enterprises are going to consolidating the utilization of option sustainable power sources to satisfy the future fuel needs. The elective wellsprings of vitality, for example, wind and sun powered vitality are likewise less harming to nature when contrasted with non-sustainable wellsprings of vitality. Be that as it may, the creation of vitality from these sources is expensive that confines their broad use at a worldwide level. Likewise, the utilization of electric batteries in vehicles could likewise end up being a successful substitute for vehicle motors (Gilardoni, 2 008). Be that as it may, it will likewise end up being expensive in contrast with that of utilization of motors dependent on utilization of non-sustainable wellspring of vitality. In this way, the use of all these inexhaustible wellsprings of vitality relies upon the advancement inventive advances that could productively use such sources in vitality creation (Asplund, 2008). Subsequently, from the conversation held above it very well may be expressed that the developing impact of OPEC, monetary development from non-OECD nations, Climate Change Policy and the entrance to new fossil stores are largy affecting forming the eventual fate of refining comprehensively (Asplund, 2008). 5. Suggestions for the UK Oil and Gas Retail Industry The ascent and fall in oil costs managed by OPEC will majorly affect the UK economy. Oil costs will in general impact the on the financial exercises of oil-creating nations around the world. The UK is perceived to be a significant maker of oil and flammable gas on worldwide level (Yeo, 2011). The decay or ascend in oil costs far and wide will significantly affect the UK economy too. The huge decrease in oil cost would bring about quickening the monetary development of the UK. This is because of decrease on cost of creation for the assembling businesses that are intensely subject to oil inputs. This would at last lead to the production of better speculation and work opportunity in the nation (Lopez, 2008). In any case, oil and gas extraction part would be adversely affected by decrease in oil cost yet other significant divisions, for example, farming and report will encounter a lift up in their creation level that would improve the financial action of the nation. The noteworthy decrea se in oil cost would likewise impressively affect the family pay. The spending intensity of buyers would increment with the decrease in oil costs which would additionally bolster the financial improvement of the nation. Duty incomes of the legislature would likewise increment from more noteworthy financial movement in the UK with the decrease in oil costs (Yeo, 2011). Despite what might be expected, an ascent in oil cost would negatively affect the monetary action of the nation by causing a critical increment in the expense of creation. Oil-serious nations will in general have lower creation level, for example, agribusiness and transport area that would decelerate the financial advancement of the nation (Lopez, 2008). Additionally, government revue would likewise lessen with the noteworthy decrease in charge sum which would additionally diminish the financial downturn of the UK. Consequently, it very well may be expressed that high financial development in non-OECD nations would prompt high oil costs at a worldwide level. This would in the end lead to a destruction in the financial development of the UK and would adversely influence its future development and improvement. The oil and gas ventures of the UK additionally need to consent to all the enactments and rules controlled for shielding the atmosphere from the unfavorable effects of the hurtfu l outflows discharged from these enterprises (Yeo, 2011). This includes significant changes in the framework of the oil and gas ventures to diminish the outflows of harmful ozone depleting substances liable for causing a worldwide temperature alteration. Likewise, the UK oil and gas industry should fuse the utilization of high innovative gadgets for extricating oil and gas from fossil stores to limit the contamination liable for causing atmosphere changes (Goldemberg and Lucon, 2010). Ecological Protection Agency (EPA) has actualized str

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5 Important Aspects to Look for When Searching for the Right Influencer

5 Important Aspects to Look for When Searching for the Right Influencer Make Money Online Queries? Struggling To Get Traffic To Your Blog? Sign Up On (HBB) Forum Now!5 Important Aspects to Look for When Searching for the Right InfluencerUpdated On 01/06/2018Author : HBB Guest AuthorTopic : BusinessShort URL : CONNECT WITH HBB ON SOCIAL MEDIA Follow @HellBoundBlogYour brand is doing well with its social media efforts. You’re finding a decent amount of success on a day-to-day basis with ad campaigns and promotions. But you’ve recently reached a stalemate and are struggling to get past a certain point.If you can’t seem to gain enough traction to spike your social growth, then it may be time to hire a social media influencer.Many may think the only influencers out there are those who are either famous singers or stars, but there are millions of other individuals with dynamic social followings that are just waiting for you to ask for their help. Although celebrities are a potential option for your influencer marketing strategy, there are many other possibilities out there.These social influencers can help promote your brand via channels like Facebook and Instagram as part of their daily posting routine. While there may be many options available that could fill this role for you, we all know marketers rarely want any less than the best. Let’s take a look at five important aspects to look for when searching for the right influencer.1. Relevant to Your Industry/NicheHow often do you see Nike sharing content about the best mattress currently on the market? Probably never. That’s because advertising about the most comfortable bed isn’t relevant to their athletic-focused brand.The same concept goes for choosing the right influencer for your brand or product. You most likely wouldn’t want a gaming influencer, who has never left their hometown, promoting your travel brand. It is crucial to find an individual who has built their reputation in a similar niche to your own.While some niches may be difficult t o find an influencer right away, there are plenty of industries that complement each other. Fashion influencers can easily share about beauty products that go with their style. While a fitness influencer can promote your health product, as long as it fits their diet regimen.As you search for someone to promote your brand, be certain they can relate their niche to your business.2. Audience DataOnce you’ve found the right influencer for your industry, you still need to ensure they have the appropriate audience to fit your needs. It’s important to confirm their audience falls into the demographics you are looking for, with factors like interests, location, and age group coming into play.Luckily, there are tools out there that can do this for you.Resources like Social Bond, Deep Social, and Crimson Hexagon offer in-depth analytics tools for social media profiles. These sites and apps can take the details of your intended audience and find influencers that have a following with those criteria.This audience data provides you with the necessary information to run successful marketing campaigns with your influencer at the helm.3. Engagement with AudienceNow that you have verified the influencer has the proper audience that will be interested in your brand, it’s time to make sure that same influencer consistently engages with them. This process can be as simple as looking through the influencer’s posts and seeing how they communicate with others in the comments.First, you want to ensure their following is interested enough in the content to comment or share. If an influencer has thousands or hundreds of thousands of followers and only a handful of comments per post, that can be a red flag for a couple of potential issues.It has become easier than ever for Instagram profiles to buy followers for their accounts in order to make them look more official. The problem is that many of these followers can be fake, meaning once they follow the account, they won’t enga ge, like, or comment on posts. If you see a so-called influencer who has a ton of followers with minimal engagement, run away as fast as you can.READTop Tips on How to Use Writing Services for your Business!Real followers will often comment and reach out to the influencer regarding their content. A good influencer will answer as many of these comments as possible with heartfelt replies and genuine responses.4. Frequent Social Media PostsInstagram users share a combined average of more than 95 million images or videos per day. Between all of those posts, they accumulate more than 4.2 billion “likes” each day. Looking at these numbers can be intimidating, but there are ways to keep up.One of the most important strategies for an influencer to be successful is to post often. As a marketer, it will be your job to find an influencer who stays consistent and is posting at least four or five times per week. Any less and they could potentially be lost in the shuffle with millions of othe r posts being shared the same day, leaving the promotion of your brand in the dust.If you find an influencer who appears to have a strong account, but then realize they often go a week at a time without sharing any content, you may want to look elsewhere. These long pauses can negatively affect an account’s ability to be added to Instagram’s Explore page, making it much harder for them to be found by new followers. Be sure to set a standard for your influencer to follow, so they are sharing often enough to remain relevant.5. Quality ContentOdds are you’ve seen an Instagrammer who frequently shares nice pictures, but their caption rarely has anything more than an emoji or two. Unless you are a movie star or one of the Kardashians, this is not enough to hold the title of “influencer” for very long.Followers enjoy quality photos and videos, but also need the added value of an engaging description to go with it. When searching for an influencer to promote your brand, you want to be certain they can formulate sentences well and endorse your product effectively. Your campaigns won’t be nearly as successful if all they do is share a picture of the merchandise with little more than a thumbs-up symbol.Ideally, a quality post will include a brief description of your brand or product, how it can help their followers, and their personal review of it. If you have any hashtags you focus on, then you can always request they add those as well.These key details will give viewers the basic information they need. Potential customers will learn how to find your brand and potentially become a paying customer.Find the Right Influencer for Your BrandA social media influencer can be a friendly face that connects your brand with your target audience. They bring personality and real-world use of your product to potential customers. Studies show that 92% of consumers trust recommendations from influencers over an ad or even a celebrity endorsement.Television commercials and other outbound marketing tactics are falling on deaf ears, while peoples’ eyes are focused on their Instagram or Facebook feeds instead. There’s no better time to bring a personal touch to your brand with someone your customers trust.Find the right influencer to promote your brand and help you raise your social media standing over the top.By Logan Derrick

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Poverty And Its Effects On Children Essay - 1111 Words

Edgar Perez Mrs. Prince ENG 1113 16 November 2016 Poverty in America As of 2013 approximately 45 million people in America lived below the poverty line. In an average three-person household, an annual income of $20,090 is federally considered to be at poverty level. In the year of 2014, 44 percent of children under the age of 18 were living at or below the poverty level. Coming from a low economic standing can be detrimental for children’s physical and mental states. Pursuing a higher education without proper funding can become nearly impossible. Most importantly however, without income of some sort children can go hungry. The poverty crisis in America not only affects the adults but it truly affects children through nutrition, education, and psychological factors. Food is an essential part of our health and what we choose consume can affect our lifestyle. Human beings have a cycle, which includes eating, sleeping and reproducing. Out of all the elements of the cycle, eating is the most important but also the most expensive t o maintain. Living in poverty and not having enough income to purchase food can be devastating to a family and their health. The children’s health is affected the most because in early childhood, it is important that a child has adequate nutrition to ensure healthy growth, a strong immune system and cognitive development. Proper nutrition is vital to the growth and development of a child. Not having a sufficient amount or the right kinds of food at aShow MoreRelatedEffects Of Poverty On Children1553 Words   |  7 PagesHow Poverty Effects Children Makayla Ray University of Alabama in Birmingham Abstract This literature review of twelve previously published research articles has focused on summarizing some of the effects of poverty on children. The selected articles all focused on the major effect of poverty on children, and were sorted into four sub-categories or themes based upon a specific focus areas of this complex and not yet fully understood issue. These themes included developmental, educationalRead MoreEffects Of Poverty On Children1554 Words   |  7 PagesEffects of Poverty on Children Makayla Ray University of Alabama in Birmingham Abstract This literature review of twelve previously published research articles has focused on summarizing some of the effects of poverty on children. The selected articles all focused on the major effect of poverty on children, and were sorted into four sub-categories or themes based upon a specific focus areas of this complex and not yet fully understood issue. These themes included developmental, educationalRead MorePoverty And Its Effects On Children859 Words   |  4 PagesPoverty is existing worldwide epidemic and it is affecting millions of adults and children mentally, physically and emotionally .Poverty is the inability to purchase or have access to the basic human needs. This includes food, shelter, education, clean water and proper sanitation .It depends not only on income but also on access to services. In 1998 a UN Statement on poverty, signed by the heads of all UN agencies stated: defines poverty as â€Å"the denial of choices and opportunities, violation of humanRead MorePo verty And Its Effects On Children1377 Words   |  6 PagesPoverty Poverty is a chronic issue not just within the United States but throughout the whole world, but one thing that people tend to overlook is the effect that poverty has on childhood. Many children grow up in poverty and the effects can last for a life time. For many of these kids who grow up in these conditions the effects include poor health, a high risk for teen pregnancy, and the lack of an education. Poor health is a direct of effect of poverty, children with families with no money orRead MorePoverty And Its Effects On Children985 Words   |  4 PagesPoverty doesn’t have preferences, it doesn’t choose people by race, religion, or age. Many people don’t see the effects poverty has on people or sometimes they don’t care but you should. What if you were put in the situation where you lost everything and weren’t able to recover. Now imagine this is your child. Many people put a generic face upon poverty. Usually they see the poor African American person, or the old man who looks dirty, or even the woman who is selling her body just to buy a biteRead MorePoverty And Its Effects On Children2452 Words   |  10 Pagespeople living in poverty out of the 316.5 million inhabitants of the United States of America. That means about 14.5% of people live below the poverty line, which is an extremely large amount for such a lucrative world dominating countr y. Poverty is a very serious issue in the United States and has devastating effects, yet it continues to effect massive amounts of people. It is essential that Americans make the necessary changes to combat poverty because those living in poverty often experience aRead MorePoverty And Its Effects On Children1771 Words   |  8 Pages What is poverty? For people who do not know what poverty is, the Merriam- Webster dictionary defines it as â€Å"the state of one who lacks a usual or socially acceptable amount of money or material possessions† (Poverty). To make it even easier it is basically the state of being extremely poor. Poverty is a huge global issue and it can affect anyone. Whether the person is young or old, male or female. Poverty does not discriminate against people, which is why people should not sit back and ignoreRead MorePoverty And Its Effects On Children945 Words   |  4 PagesPOVERTY MALNOURISHMENT Childhood and adolescence are expected to be the times of great functioning and physical health, yet poverty provokes this from occurring and children face poor health. Children living in poverty are at immense risk for their development, health and overall well-being. According to Komro, 2011, the absolute rate of poverty among children is higher in the United States than in other industrialized nations. Nationally, One in five children are living in poverty (Raphel,Read MorePoverty And Its Effects On Children942 Words   |  4 Pagesand physical health, yet poverty provokes this from occurring and children face poor health. Children living in poverty are at immense risk for their development, health and overall well-being. According to Komro, 2011, the absolute rate of poverty among children is higher in the United States than in other industrialized nations. Nationally, One in five children are living in poverty (Raphel, 2014). Malnourishment is one of the numerous outcomes fr om poverty; children are suffering each day inRead MoreThe Effects of Poverty on Children Essay1217 Words   |  5 Pages When analyzing children growing up in poverty a lot of factors come into play such as their physical, psychological and emotional development. To grow up in poverty can have long term effect on a child. What should be emphasized in analyzing the effects of poverty on children is how it has caused many children around the world to suffer from physical disorders, malnutrition, and even diminishes their capacities to function in society. Poverty has played a major role in the functioning of families

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The Truth of Society - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 3 Words: 782 Downloads: 7 Date added: 2019/04/01 Category Society Essay Level High school Tags: Truth Essay Did you like this example? It is to be told that society is changing through time. Heres the thing. Is it changing for the best or for the worst? Many people have mentioned that the world is advancing and speeding up the process of tasks which is making life easier. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "The Truth of Society" essay for you Create order On the other hand, others have mentioned that society is going through its worst moments in time. It keeps getting worse. The author of Fahrenheit 451 wrote this science fiction book to explain how their society is controlled and its changes arent beneficial to the people. Science fiction demonstrates what authors or writers assume the future will hold for the people. Ray Bradbury, in Fahrenheit 451 is notifying the reader that society is affected through technology, lack of communication, and the loss of valuable life. Technology has been advancing fast and still is up to this very day. It has made life much easier and everyone loves it. Even though technology is benefical towards the people, it comes with its downside and consequences. Society uses technology 24/7. our population is increasing every day and all these billion consumers demand either a mobile phone or a computer in their homes or office (Ramey, 2012). There isnt a single moment in life today where technology isnt being used. People of all ages need technology, including babies too. A mother now has to keep a device with them in case the babies start to cry. They have the device set up and it quiets them down. Adults use technology for everything. From learning how to cook to selling drugs and illegal items. Technology is a person that keeps society distracted from the real world. Bradbury in Fahrenheit 451 shows the reader how technology distracts a main character in the book, Mildred, from realizing what the government is doing to the society that shes living in. As the books gets deeper into details, Mildred is always focused on her family. It is based on a show that she watches on her TV wall. It keeps her focused from her untrue happiness. Thats my family (Bradbury, 1995, p. 46). Mildred mentions that the actors on the TV wall is her family. It is a relationship with no physical emotion. The government uses technology as a rebellion to keep society happy and under their control. Technology isnt the only thing that has a downside towards society. The lack of communication between people has fallen and is going to keep on getting worse. Many people have decided to isolate themselves out from the world. They like to divert themselves and keep a distance from everyone else. Now a days, people dont have much communication between one another because they are focused on a certain thing. The majority of the people would rather send out a text or call then to ask a question or talk about a topic in person. The ways that people work and communicate via computer networks destabilize many conventional social categories ( King, R. (Ed.), 1996, p. 427). Many social lives are decreasing because of technology. It is one of the main reasons why society is negativly affected. The lack of communication is decreasing everyday as new inventions are created. Many companies continue on creating products to keep their costumers busy and entertained. But if everyone gets caught up with something, how will the world be? Will society lose its interest in communication with one another? Montag and Mildreds relationship is an example of los s of communication. Montag had asked Mildred one night if she remembered the first time they met (p. 40). She responded with a no. Montag himself doesnt remember where they met. Both characters had lost interest in one another. Was there any love to begin with? Montag brings up a wall being in between him and mildred. That wall is where Mildred says she has her family. The walls were always in the way between Mildred and himself (p. 42) Its what kept their communication decreasing. The lack of communication between society is a problem, but it isnt the worst conflict that needs to be solved. Societys population is losing the loss of peoples valuable life. Society doesnt value life as much as it should be. People every second of each day lose their life. Whether its a homocide, suicide, accidents, slavery death continues to happen every where. In Fahreneheit 451, Mildred tries to commit suicide and doesnt succeed at it. Montag believes that it was an accident and says that Mildred probably forgot she took some pills and kept taking more. This is not the case. Mildred is unhappy and careless but she just doesnt know it because she is being brainwashed by the government. They want everyone to be happy. It a rule, not a given choice.

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Why Do People Attend College and Universities - 847 Words

Why do people Attend College and universities? Colleges and Universities are the main resources for people to gain knowledge and get an education. The education we got from high school is not enough for our lives because it is just the basic material; however, professors in colleges or in Universities teach us all the subjects in more detail than in high school. We learn almost everything about our career in college. We learn everything related to our chosen major in college or university, and when we finish college, we can be able to find a better job in our field. There is no limit for knowledge in this universe; we can get knowledge as much as we want. People become well educated in many different ways. We become educated by†¦show more content†¦We also learn how to deal with different problems in college. We learn basics in high school; however, in college we study everything in depth. For example, my elder brother studied about chemistry in high school; however, he is studying chemistry in college as his maj or subject. Nowadays, there is too much competition in finding good jobs, and candidates are required to have a higher education with good experience. The higher the education we have, the more opportunity we will have. The people who have college or university degree or certificate will able to get good jobs. The final purpose after a long process of study is to improve their life by getting good jobs. It also shows that the most degrees or certificates we get from educational institute are used to support job application. The most important stage in our lives is to build or develop our career and most of the people after graduation from high school sign up for colleges or universities to become well educated and trained in their field. Some of them go for professional degrees and some of them like to choose major in specific subjects. Colleges and the universities are the place who make people’s achieve their aims or goals by preparing them for a field they have been chosen . For example, if I go to the engineering school, they will teach me everything about engineering, and they willShow MoreRelatedPeople Attend College or University for Many Different Reasons (for Example, New Experiences, Career Preparation, and Increased Knowledge). Why Do You Think People Attend College or University? Use Specific Reasons and786 Words   |  4 PagesPeople attend college or university for many different reasons (for example, new experiences, career preparation, and increased knowledge). Why do you think people attend college or university? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer. In the past, the chances of going to college or university are difficult. This is due to the financial problem and also the amount of college and university that built up in that time. But in this new millennium, all people are having an opportunityRead MoreTo The Many Students That Annually Graduated From An American1263 Words   |  6 Pagesbest day of their life. Why? Well, because in the United States obtaining a high school diploma is one step further to reaching the American Dream. The education system in America starting from elementary school to high school, inculcated in the minds of our future generation the importance of college that without college an individual cannot be successful. However, society changes and this ideology is still present. But was has changed is the accessibility to go to college, more and more it is difficultRead MoreWhy Is Attending A Four Year University?753 Words   |  4 Pagesattending college if they ever have hope of obtaining success. Purs uing a higher education can, in fact, be costly but yet extremely beneficial. One who attends a four-year university may have a different experience then one who attends a two-year community college: campus involvement, administration, post graduation readiness. In sequence, one who attends a four-year university may get the notion that they are receiving a more quality. By making differences in colleges and universities, society mayRead MoreShould College Tuition Be Free? America? Essay1267 Words   |  6 Pages Why should college tuition be free in America? The majority of students who graduate leave their alma mater with two things: a degree and a large sum of debt. The current student debt in America is 1.2 trillion dollars. Graduate students account for nearly 40 percent of this debt. From 1985 to 2007 the amount of student debt increased by 7.9 percent. In 1994 the average student borrowed eleven thousand dollars for school. By 2014, however, that figure had increased to thirty-five thousand dollarsRead MoreEducation Is An Important Foundation For People All Around The World1525 Words   |  7 Pagesbecome such an important foundation for people all around the world. Education differs from country to country. Education is very unique, education in the United States is not the same as it is in China. How can one explore their differences? Well, one can explore the importance of education, the education systems, higher education and the financial costs of education in both the United Sta tes and China. Importance of Education People all around the world attend school. Most countries have their childrenRead MoreThe Importance Of College Education1142 Words   |  5 Pagescountry. Specifically, higher education paves a future and provides opportunity for students that attend college and gives them a shot at a career. 50 years ago, college was strictly for the elite, high class Americans. Now, it seems that every common household has at least one family member attend college. But with the increasing drop out rate today, students seem less interested in learning at college and their priorities change from their original goal of graduating. The importance of educationRead MoreCollege Student Against Free Tuition1395 Words   |  6 Pages Yes, I’m a College Student Against Free Tuition Everyone has to take classes that they never want to attend. Whether you dread it because you hate the subject or it is one of those dreaded 8am’s. When debating on whether or not to go everyone has had that friend that will tell you that you should go because you’re paying to take the class. This is a huge motivator for us. That broke college student stereotype is all to real and it really can be a great driver. But, what if tuition disappearedRead MoreAfrican American Students and Equal Education 786 Words   |  4 PagesFor centuries African Americans have fought for equal rights, one of them being an opportunity for the chance to get an equal education. Many people believe that African Americans have an equal or better chance at getting an education than other students. This is not the case when in fact, it is actually harder for these three reasons: African American students tend to come from harsh, poverty stricken atmospheres. Shattered family lifestyles th at make it difficult to pursue a higher education becauseRead MoreCollege For The Masses By David Leonhardt933 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å"College for the Masses† by David Leonhardt is a great article that displays the many benefits among lower-income students attending a four year college. â€Å"Why Poor Students Struggle† by Vicki Madden displays many examples from hers and her colleagues experiences while providing statistics of the lower-income joining a four year college. The two articles both display the benefits of attending a four year college and that the education pays off. David’s article talked about the different educationRead MoreGraduation Speech : High School1445 Words   |  6 Pages In most jobs, when you apply there are requirements that you need to be able to be even considered a good candidate for the job and be hired. Did you graduate high school? Do you have a college degree? A 3.00 GPA or above? Previous experience for at least two years? Most guardians tell you to work hard in school to have a bright future. If you want to find a good job they suggest you to look what are the requirements to be able to even be consider. When you start high school in some schools they

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Sheila changes after the inspector(TM)s visit Essay Example For Students

Sheila changes after the inspector(TM)s visit Essay Closely examine the character of Mr Arthur Birling and his daughter Sheila Birling showing how and why Sheila changes after the inspectors visit, but Arthur does not.  Introduction  The Author, J.B. Priestley is an advocate of socialism, and his book, An Inspector Calls strongly demonstrates his views and philosophies. It gives the impression to the reader that the author believes the only way to make a peaceful world is to practice socialism; that everybody should be treated equally, with due respect. However, Mr Birling, in the play, is a capitalist and his views are the exact opposite to Priestleys views. He believes the only way to make a thriving community and build economy is to keep the social ranks and low life people out of the way, for them to endure cheap labour and never suggest a pay rise.  J.B. Priestley is entirely against capitalism. This is also expressed in the story, as the tide is turned against Mr Birling who is the capitalist, and who cares for nothing but money and his position in society.  Mr Birling is a very proud and pompous character, and his worst fear would be to lose his dignity and respect in the community as he mentions fearfully, Therell be a public scandal he fears this most, as it would prevent him from gaining his higher position, or receiving a knighthood. Mr Birling is full of his own importance and is concerned about his own social status and is anxious to receive a knighthood so he believes he cannot afford to have any scandal attached to him and his family, So long as we behave ourselves and dont get into the police court.  He is also very selfish, as he cares only about himself and his family. If he could undo sacking Eva Smith, he could do so only for his own benefits; he feels absolutely no remorse in doing this deed and continues to think theres nothing wrong with it, the only disadvantage being that he lost a good worker. Therefore, if he could undo his deed, he would not be doing it for her, to save her life, or to keep her happy, but just for himself, so he can have a better worker. When the Inspector points out to him the results of his actions he shows no remorse or regret and fails to perceive them as incorrect or immoral. Birling is very ignorant and insists that Eva Smiths suicide was nothing to do with his sacking her.  The reason why Mr Birling is very worried about his social position could be that he is socially worried that he is socially inferior to his wife. This is shown when Mrs Birling reprimands him and says, Arthur, youre not supposed to say such things, i.e. Mrs Birling is teaching Mr Birling how to adopt correct social manners. Being socially inferior to his wife makes Mr Birling feel that he has to try and live up to those standards; he has to rise socially. Mr Birling is delighted at his daughters engagement to Gerald Croft, as the Crofts are slightly higher class than the Birlings and have a larger business company than them also. Mr Birling shows his excitement throughout the engagement party through his large speeches expressing his joy and hope to merge the Crofts and Birlings company into one, Perhaps we should look forward to the time when the Crofts and Birlings are no longer competing but are working together. Mr Birling does not treat the working class people as normal people who deserve wages and due respect; he just exploits them and pays them with great reluctance. His main aim is to achieve lower cost and higher prices. This again shows that he is very self-centred and only cares about himself; lower costs and higher prices means he would get more money, because hed be paying less for goods as well as hed be getting a larger profit from the public, whod buy these items at expensive prices. .u7ec7674aa29edebf396e5064cde3718b , .u7ec7674aa29edebf396e5064cde3718b .postImageUrl , .u7ec7674aa29edebf396e5064cde3718b .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .u7ec7674aa29edebf396e5064cde3718b , .u7ec7674aa29edebf396e5064cde3718b:hover , .u7ec7674aa29edebf396e5064cde3718b:visited , .u7ec7674aa29edebf396e5064cde3718b:active { border:0!important; } .u7ec7674aa29edebf396e5064cde3718b .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .u7ec7674aa29edebf396e5064cde3718b { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .u7ec7674aa29edebf396e5064cde3718b:active , .u7ec7674aa29edebf396e5064cde3718b:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .u7ec7674aa29edebf396e5064cde3718b .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .u7ec7674aa29edebf396e5064cde3718b .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .u7ec7674aa29edebf396e5064cde3718b .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .u7ec7674aa29edebf396e5064cde3718b .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .u7ec7674aa29edebf396e5064cde3718b:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .u7ec7674aa29edebf396e5064cde3718b .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .u7ec7674aa29edebf396e5064cde3718b .u7ec7674aa29edebf396e5064cde3718b-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .u7ec7674aa29edebf396e5064cde3718b:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Romeo and Juliet EssayMr Birling thinks he knows what the future holds, even though hes wrong. He strongly believes he is correct due to his experiences as a hardhearted businessman. He thinks that Britain is thriving too much for their co ever to be a war the play is based before the WW1. He also thinks that technology is progressing so much that he says to Eric: Soon you will be living in a world thatll have forgotten all these silly capitalist versus labour agitations and all these little war scales. There will be peace and prosperity and rapid progress everywhere. He says, The worlds developing so fast that itll make war impossible. He says his foretelling so positive ly as though they were facts he is this sure of them. His other prophecy is that he believes that technology has risen so high that he thinks that the Titanic is unsinkable. However, the audience of this play know that he is wrong because by this time, Titanic has already sunk and there has been a world war.